A Man’s Guide To Wearing Necklaces How To Buy A Necklace For Men

Then, add 2 to 4 inches to your neck measurement to calculate your minimum recommended chain length. The coin style necklace has known in the olden days is known to bring luck and fortune to the owner. A distinguished gold or silver coin necklace is a timeless addition to your jewelry box. The necklace is perfect for everyday wear and for every events and are mostly used to promote wealth and affluence. Jewelry adds an element of style and personality to a man’s wardrobe. Get more information on pearl choker necklace

If you are a person with a neck size measuring 13 to 14 ½ inches (36.8 cm), an 18-inch (45.7 cm) necklace is a good choice for necklace length. The medallion pendant is a metal pendant that is usually given as an award to honor or reward a person. They’re mostly given to celebrate someone or an achievement. The medallion styling is a celebrity and style-set favorite, they are simple and beautiful way to wear jewelry to give a boundless and inherent meaning. Stacking necklaces is also a great way to play with different colors and metals, creating a cohesive and stylish look that complements the overall outfit. While trusting your intuition is important, there are also some practical tips you can follow to ensure you get the best value for your money.

Rules on How to Wear Rings For Men: Dapper Style Guide

Their history actually lies with the USSR and China where portraits of communist leaders were worn to display loyalty. Nowadays pin designs come in all shapes, colors, and meanings. My answer is as many as he can confidently pull off. For most of us this is one or two rings–our wedding ring and perhaps a university or fraternal ring. We’ve been raised in a society that frowns on showing off success and wealth in this manner. But there are many men–especially travelers and immigrants–who can confidently wear 3 to 5 rings and not come off as a sleazy used car salesmen.

Similarly, if you are of above-average height, short necklaces might get completely lost. Keep reading to learn how to measure your neck size and determine your ideal necklace length. To further complicate the matter, people can interpret the meaning of the same piece of jewelry very differently.

You can also choose to wear your necklace with or without a pendant. To help you with this, this article explains time-tested tips for wearing men’s necklaces and looking good, no matter what statement you’re making.

Yes, Men Can Wear Jewelry—Here’s How.

Just make sure it’s not too over the top, and give yourself enough room in the fit that it’s comfortable. The ornament can be anything from a shaped jewel to a tiny vial or scroll case. Anything will work as long as it’s small enough to rest comfortably below your neck and against your breastbone. You’ll see some bigger, shinier stuff available of course. There will be also some light and fragile designs here and there too. At either extreme though you’re talking about exceptions to the rule.

Keep the style sober and keep the chain under your shirt. The little part that is visible is enough to represent who you are.

Allow yourself some time to experiment with various options

Grab a soft measuring tape and measure it to land where you want your necklace to fall. Notably heavy pendants may pull the chain down even further since the weight of the charm will cause the chain to hang taut around your neck. A necklace measuring 28 to 34 inches hang at or below the bust and are usually wrapped around the neck twice. The right necklace measurement for a casual blouse may not work well for a formal dinner dress. For a necklace that comes down to a point just above the sternum, go with a 24-inch chain. Choose a 22-inch (55-cm) chain if you want something that lands just below the collarbone. Matinee length is 20 inches , which usually extends just a bit below the collarbone.

Overall, you can sleep with your necklace if you are confident in its durability. If you believe it will not withstand daily wear, consider taking it off before going to bed. If you have expensive jewelry that is delicate and likely to be damaged when pressure is applied, it is best to remove it. It is not worth the risk of waking up with a broken necklace.

If you haven’t read our guide on how to wear a gold chain, read that first and come back ready to learn more. If you’re new to men’s jewelry and only have one chain but want to buy more or just bought your second chain and need to know how to create a stack, we’re here to help. We want to make this men’s style guide as easy and effortless as a layered necklace look is. If you’re a shortie, you may want to stick to shorter chain lengths so the necklace doesn’t overwhelm your aesthetic.

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